About Crescent Shaheen Science Programme


Integrated Two Year Pre-University Course {PCMB} at

Crescent Composite Pre-University College, Bangalore

(Managed by Crescent Association)

This Integrated Programme is for GIRLS seeking admission to medical, engineering and other professional courses which demand the best of involvement and commitment from the student community

     We believe education is not merely for a living but for a meaningful life.

Crescent shaheen  Science (CSS) Programme  is a two year Pre-university residential and Day scholar(8AM to 8PM) program which provides a unique platform for students seeking admission into professional courses like medical, engineering etc on merit basis in CET ranking .The approach adopted by shaheen at Bidar which has stood the test of time for over a decade is replicated at Crescent Composite Pre-University College. This program intends to provide an opportunity to the desirous students looking for a conducive learning environment to explore and utilize their potential to fulfill their dreams.

The CSS program is supported by eminent educationists, professionals and futuristic managing committee members.It is closely monitored by an educational committee consisting of experts in the field of education.

Salient Features:

  • Qualified committed faculty.
  • Teaching with emphasis on development of insight not memorization.
  • Daily supervised study sessions to do follow –up studies for quick learning and easy assimilation.
  • Regular assignments and unit test to monitor academic progress.
  • Enrichment classes and interactive sessions to make the students confident and competitive.
  • Sessions by experts in different fields to sharpen life skills with emphasis on moral and ethical  values which enable students to face challenges by converting their theoretical learning to practical use.
  • Sessions by professional /trained counselors: Individual/ group counseling by professional / trained counselors to guide in personal, academic and career needs.

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