Managing Committee

All the office bearers and Executive Committee members of Crescent Association

Name of the members
Mr. Akbar Shariff President
Mr. Fazal Mahmood Vice president
Mr. Mohammed Ali Shariff Vice president
Mr. Mohamed Sayeed Ahmed General Secretary
Mr. Mohammed Farooq Mecci Treasurer
Prof. M. Ashraf Ali Asst Secretary
Mr. Syed Siddiqu-e-Akbar Asst secretary
Mr. Mir Liaqath Hussain Altaf Member
Mr. Samiulla Shariff Member
Mr. Akram Shariff Member
Mr. Abdul Razack BJ Member
Mr. Barkathulla Meccai Member
Mr. Khaisar Syed Masood Member
Mr. Mohammed Ghouse Member
Mr. Syed Nisar Ahmed Member
Mr. Umer Shariff Member

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